Spaceport One

Spaceport One is a game designed for the Oyfo museum located in Hengelo, it was developed in collaboration with Saxion. The intention of the game is to get children interested in detection technology such as X-Ray, infra-red and so on. Together with other students I created 2D/3D assets, animations, textures and more.

Hit the play button below and press (I) to open the model inspector.

Client: Oyfo | Year: 2016-2017 | Disciplines: 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animation

Glitch Fix

Glitch Fix is a low-poly 3D tile-based arcade game in which you solve puzzles by pushing around boxes. The game engineers set up a custom framework to develop the game. I was responsible for several 3D models as well as the music.

Year: 2016-2017 | Disciplines: 3D modeling, texturing, composing (audio)


In the first year of my study I worked on an assigment that involved a level design of Laketown (known from the film The Hobbit). Every student in our class was asked to create one house and one prop in the same style as the original Laketown from The Hobbit to create a large library of assets. These assets could be used to make a level design in Unity. With elementary knowledge about 3D art I created my first 3D models and textured them in Adobe Photoshop (this was before we learned about texturing tools).

Hit the play button below and press (I) to open the model inspector.

Year: 2015-2016 | Disciplines: 3D modeling, texturing, level design

The Virtual Dutch Men

During my internship at The Virtual Dutch Men I learned how to create high quality renders used for architectural visualization. Plans delivered by architects were visualized and rendered by use of 3DS Max to create images for billboards and websites to advertise ‘soon’ to be build infrastructure and houses/buildings.

Company: The Virtual Dutch Men | Year: 2017-2018 | Disciplines: 3D modeling, AutoCAD (basic tracing of drawings), rendering, photoshop


Thales in collaboration with Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the Royal Dutch Navy requested a virtual reality experience of a specific room of a Hollandklasse OPV naval vessel. The project caught attention by the media and was published in newspapers. With a total of seven students (under which three artists including me) we developed a visually appealing VR experience.

Client: Thales | Year: 2017-2018 | Disciplines: 3D modeling, texturing


To increase risk awareness for construction workers, Strukton wanted to explore the possibilities of a virtual reality safety trainer regarding working at heights. Together with seven other Saxion students I developed a prototype that Strukton can use to introduce Virtual Reality to the company.

Client: Strukton | Year: 2018-2019 | Disciplines: 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animating